8-bit Version of the Theme to Murder She Wrote by Peachy

Peachy has been busy using whatever 8-bit music machine he uses. Today he shared with me a wonderful 8-bit version of the theme to the classic TV mystery, Murder She Wrote. I know their are a lot of Jessica Fletcher fans out there, so enjoy.

Murder she wrote 8-bit by Peachy


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5 thoughts on “8-bit Version of the Theme to Murder She Wrote by Peachy

  1. Patrick J Doody says:

    Everytime you play this, someone is murdered at a dinner party, back stage at a theater, on a movie set or in a music recording studio.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Love it! I can just picture an 8-bit Jessica Fletcher going about the garden, looking through Pooka’s exploded remains for clues.

  3. So I’m listening to this again… Now I am picturing a Commodore 64 game with this as it’s start up music. You play Jessica and you have to solve a murder – Murder She Wrote: Death in the Mansion

    Ok vintage game programmers, get to it! :)

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