Ideal Windup ‘Tomic Rocket

I would think that when a rocket was ‘tomic, that it wouldn’t need to be wound up, but if that is how my grandpa won the war, who am I to question how its effectiveness. This lovely retro styled toy is being sold at Hake’s.

14″ long hard plastic with built-in key. Only a portion of the box is included and this is well worn. 7×15″ and just comes along but does include text regarding the toy’s design/actions. Toy is designed to travel forward as sparks are produced and visible through the back, front has tip designed for caps to produce a “bang” when struck. The “Tomic Rocket” lightning bolt logo appears on one side of nose cone. While toy can still be wound, it does not move forward due to slight warp of the plastic around the wheels. However, appearance remains Exc. for display.


Garry Vander Voort

Editor/Podcaster at Retroist
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One thought on “Ideal Windup ‘Tomic Rocket

  1. Teresa Espinoza says:

    I have an origianl Tomic Rocket from the early 50’s. How do I find out what this might be worth?

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