Vintage Mister Softee Commercials

Spring is in the air folks and you know what that means? Ice Cream! Growing up in NJ, Ice Cream to me will always be associated with the sweet sounds of the Mister Softee truck. I can still hear it.


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3 thoughts on “Vintage Mister Softee Commercials

  1. John says:

    I still see these old trucks around Long Island now and then. But they’re all beat up now. Kind of amazing they’re still around. Hearing their music always puts me in mind of the sundaes I used to get from them. Good times.

  2. PyroFenix69 says:

    The good about Mr. Softee is that his music brings back good childhood memories, the bad about him is that his music is so high pitched that it can even be heard over a low flying jet plane. I enjoyed talking about this topic on YT.

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