Time for Timer!

As a kid, everything I needed to learn about nutrition came from PSAs starring everyone’s favorite yellow blog, Timer. This is why all my drinks are eaten frozen on toothpicks and all solid foodstuffs are served wagon wheel style. Because of this, I was very happy to see this wonderful image of Timer by Sean Hartter in my Inbox this morning.

Not familiar with Timer? I pity you. Luckily though, you can catch up on your pop culture through the magic of the internet.


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12 thoughts on “Time for Timer!

  1. Doug says:

    Ditto. Still sing these little jingles today. I did make the sunshine on a stick, but I never made the wagon wheels.

  2. Vinvectrex says:

    Timer was always a favorite of mine. I was thinking of him yesterday and the nutrition PSAs with yesterdays’ post about the retro ketchup bottles and your friend who followed the “don’t drown your food” advice. Now that I tend to watch most of my tv via DVR I honestly have no idea if any PSAs geared toward kids even exist.

  3. patrick J Doody says:

    I loved the making a wagon wheel video of this. And regarding PSAs – they do run kids PSAs on Cartoon Network. The current general theme is bullying though – and they are so dry. I think they need a cartoon bully and some kid hero who stops him!

  4. vinvectrex says:

    @Retroist – I’m giving most of the child rearing credit to the DVR too. At least that’s who got the father’s day card last year.

  5. mwentworth says:

    “I hanker for a hunk o’, a slice or slab or chunk o’, I hanker for a hunk of cheese!”

    All I can say is, thank god for PSAs, Afterschool specials and Mike Brady. My parents never taught me morals or right from wrong, unless my actions affected them. I think maybe I tend to look on old Retro things, including TV shows as surrogate parents. Whoa, pretty deep.

  6. mwentworth says:

    My favorite current PSA has been running a while; the prom queen coronation, where “Becka Winegar” is being crowned. I hope those punks were sincere when voting for her, but I doubt it. However the message is really great. Another one that I have a hard time swallowing is the one where the basketball player calls the foul on himself in the championship game in the interest of sportsmanship. Again, great message, but……..not happenin’. They should have made a PSA for sportsmanship about the real story of the college softball player who hit a home run and broke her ankle. The other team indeed did pick her up and carry her around to touch each base as her own team could not.

  7. Dude, seriously? I put out an episode of S.T. (you know it by now) once per month, and this is the third time in a row you’ve scooped me on the commercial! I’ve got three “Time for Timer” ads on file and I used the one about cheese snacks in the episode that comes out on Marvel Noise this coming Monday. I don’t know how you know in advance what I’m going to use, but somehow we are thinking exactly alike!

    Honestly, I can’t hear nor see these commercials without flashbacking to the 80’s spending 6am to 12pm glued to the downstairs TV with a box of doughnuts and my P.J.’s. These were truly my “good ol’ days”.

  8. Timer, voiced by the late Lenny Weinrib, was first introduced to ABC viewers in The Incredible, Indelible Physical Mystery Trip, an ABC Afterschool Special produced by
    David DePatie and Friz Freleng (the “DePatie” and “Freleng” in DePatie-Freleng Enterprises).

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