Banished Advertising Villains Reunite For Revenge

In a world where classic advertising icons are vilified for being a “bad influence ” we sometimes forget that there are truly menacing things out there. As we begin to faze out the heroes of our commercials, we also abandon the only defense we had against the wolves that they always kept at bay. These villains are patiently waiting in the shadows. Ready to swipe our snacks, ready to ruin our breakfast. And maybe, just maybe, ready to rule our world…


Dedicated fan of puppets, horror and classic animation. Fueled by nostalgia and driven to spread my own brand of "truth" to the fandom. Remember playing as a kid and trying to tell a coherent story with totally mismatched, unrelated toys? It's like that....of the mind!

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7 thoughts on “Banished Advertising Villains Reunite For Revenge

  1. The Noid is definitely the most demented looking. That is the face of Chaotic Evil. Time for an advertising character alignment chart?

  2. Thanks all!…The cavity creeps! haha yeah i might have to do a follow-up picture sometime. i left out a lot of good evil! as far as their heights, I pretty much just estimated. In reality the noid is probably eight feet tall! how scary is that? an eight foot tall noid with the strength of a gorilla, and a mind bent by years of sub-standard pizza!

  3. Look at the Cookie Crook though, he’s totally egging on the Noid’s madness! Another great post, CW! I’m glad you were able to snag this photo and get safely back without them noticing you. :)

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