Doctor Reinhardt And Maximillian By Twoface1077

You know what? I personally feel The Black Hole really doesn’t get a fair shake from fans of Sci-Fi films, I know it has a cult following, but it really was a nice little movie. A nice little movie with a terrifying ending for two of its characters!

A big thanks to Twoface1077 over at deviantART for this wonderful illustration of Doctor Hans Reinhardt and Maximillian!

You just know that Dr. Reinhardt never cared for his Mother! Make sure to follow the link up above to see more of Twoface1077’s awesome artwork!


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3 thoughts on “Doctor Reinhardt And Maximillian By Twoface1077

  1. Doug says:

    A four-year-old me had Black Hole sheets on his bed. I used to sleep on old Max every night. Watched the movie again recently, and couldn’t believe Walt Disney made it. Creepy!

  2. I had the V.I.N.C.E.N.T. figure, received it on my birthday, first thing I did was pull on the leg and while it was intended to extend, I put too much pressure on it and it snapped off. :(

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