This Picture Was Made on AGFA Film

This ad is from a collection of ads that I would cut out as a kid. Do not ask why a kid would start collecting ads, I do not know, but I would select ones that I found particularly compelling. I believe this ad came from a National Geographic and to me it captured the mystery and wonder of train travel.



Garry Vander Voort

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4 thoughts on “This Picture Was Made on AGFA Film

  1. Agreed, I like that people are talking about high speed rail, but I wonder if people will fall in love with the idea of grand buildings like this again?

    I stopped in the newish train station in my hometown recently – its large, but it is far from grand. I cannot imagine anyone appreciating it 50 years from now.

  2. I know exactly what you mean Retroist. Today, things are built to be practical, not glorious. So glad my pops gave me train sets growing up.

  3. I love trains and Agfa film. The local train station near me is cute and PACKED full of people when the train arrives. There is no doubt that train popularity is rising. Sad that I can’t say the same thing about Agfa.

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