Portrait of a a Very Lucky 80s Kid

I do not know who daniel85r is, but I think he would have been very cool to be friends with in the 1980s.

Here’s he is at some point in the late 1980s, sitting in his awesome Transformers bed tent with buddy ALF and some Popples.

According to Daniel…

I know, I know– playing with Popples seems incongruous with being a Transformers fan. Still, were Popples really a girls’ toy? I always thought they straddled the boundary between girls’/boys’ toys. I guess it doesn’t help my case that the purple one in my lap is called ‘Pretty Bit Popple’.

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7 thoughts on “Portrait of a a Very Lucky 80s Kid

  1. Jason K. says:

    I hear you, Brian- I take lots of shots of my kids playing with their toys/opening gifts at Christmas. I even have been shooting video of them playing their favorite Video Games. Why? Because one of my favorite parts for me digging through a box of old photos is seeing all the cool toys and stuff I had and remembering all the good time I had with them. So I’m making sure to not only document my kids growing up, but the culture and things that define those times. Heck, I even take pictures of them in the candy and cereal aisles when we go shopping. All things that define part of being a kid.

  2. McK says:

    I’d say Popples were pretty firmly in the “girl toy” column.

    Though if I ever went to a little girl friend’s house, I couldn’t help but mess with those damn things.

    And I think I tried to justify my “Glow Worms” in the same way…

  3. Yeah, that’s pretty good, but…

    I had a space shuttle tent on my bed, from within which I would play “3D” space flight games on my NES with my Advantage joystick, with My Pet Monster as co-pilot.

  4. Hey! I know this guy… We used to hang on the RetroJunk forums I think. His wife, JemGirl I think, is nice too. He flew all the way from Australia to marry her. Such a sweet story.

  5. Drahken says:

    Popples & transformers are actually a good match. After all, popples are like plush, fuzzy, transformers. Do some flipping & folding and you have a ball/pillow, do some more flipping & folding and you have an animal.

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