Jetson’s Magic Slate

Before we were all mystified with the magic of widely available touch screens, the best way to interact with a flat surface was through the miracle of the Magic Slate. I would use them so often that I would need a new one every few months (lucky they cost so little back in the day). Because of this, none of my childhood slate survived. I am pretty sure, that I had this very Jetson’s Magic Slate, which makes sense, since the both the Jetsons and the Magic Slate were the most futuristic plaything available at my local 5 and 10.

Wouldn’t Magic Slate be the perfect name for an iPad alternative?

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2 thoughts on “Jetson’s Magic Slate

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Someone needs to make a retro-themed Magic Slate holder for the iPad right now.
    They’d get my kopins (even though there’s no iPad around my pad).

  2. I do not have one either, but I think it would make for a wonderful novelty. Add to it a Magic Slate drawing app and you really got something.

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