Z-Machine Wednesday: Get Lamp – The Text Adventure Documentary

On more than one occasion on this site I’ve trumpeted the awesomeness that is Jason Scott’s, Get Lamp: The Text Adventure Documentary.

Well I am excited to say that with a HUGE thanks to the Google Tech Talks Channel on YouTube you can now watch the film, in non-interactive form! So sit yourself down with a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy not only this great documentary but a little bit of Q & A as well. Fantastic stuff!


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One thought on “Z-Machine Wednesday: Get Lamp – The Text Adventure Documentary

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    >watch “get lamp”

    You have watched a great documentary on the fine subject of text adventures and have been thoroughly entertained and informed on the matter.

    >open comment window

    You are ready to impart wisdom and shared feelings to the denizens of the WWW.

    >Thank VicSage

    I’m sorry, I do not know what a “VicSage” is.

    >Thanks anyway

    I’m sorry, I do not understand the commands

    >Replace parser with updated series

    Oh, VicSage! Why didn’t you say so.
    Thank you “VicSage”, from …ee#ee9……

    #error sync issues /rndmzr/indep.action.freethink

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