Saturday Supercade: Galactus VS Unicron By Spidermanfan2099

Back in my youth after seeing Transformers: The Movie and starting with the original Dragon Warrior for the NES, I would enter Unicron as the name of my digital avatar. Not really sure why to be quite honest, I guess I just liked the sound of the name, it sounded powerful. I still use it today on X-Box Live as my Gamertag, Unicron2005.

So what could possibly be more frightening than my namesake appearing to devour your planet? How about if Marvel Comic’s World Devouring Galactus and Unicron started fighting over their meal? A huge thanks to Spidermanfan2099 from over at deviantART for this awesome illustration of what might just happen if the two should meet!


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Supercade: Galactus VS Unicron By Spidermanfan2099

  1. The Doc says:

    That art piece is stunning! If the artists isn’t working in comics currently they darned well should be. It is way better than most art I am currently seeing in mainstream books. If I were Marvel or DC I’d be getting this guy on the revival of maybe Ghost Rider or certainly on a new Man-Thing series. Given the fact that they just ended the proper Fantastic Four series and have bastardized that into the Future Foundation, or else I would definitely say get this person on the Fantastic Four immediately. I would love to see what their Doctor Doom looks like.

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