Mid 80s home office

Mid-1980s Apple Based Home Office

J.C. Burns, who has a great collection of retro and non-retro images posted on Flickr, posted this shot from his mid 1980s home office. Which is filled with some Apple-based retro tech goodness. Part of me wonders how difficult it would be for me to replicate a retro home office of my very own with what tech I have.

Mid 80s home office


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6 thoughts on “Mid-1980s Apple Based Home Office

  1. Badwolf says:

    More so that the Apple stuff is the IBM Selectric typewriter. I used one of those throughout college (didn’t have a home computer until I was married) and THEY ARE WORKHORSES. I loved the changeable font element.

  2. I used a typewriter in college as well (got access to a dependable printer towards the end though). While I am very happy with the freedom a computer gave me in terms of revisions. I liked the immediacy of seeing the printed letter appear with each stroke of the key. Sort of why I hung onto a Polaroid for so long as well I guess.

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