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“Tron:Legacy” Walt Disney Pictures Logo

For those who did not see Tron Legacy, they did a great redo on the intro logo for Walt Disney pictures. Really helped to set the mood in my opinion. Remember to pre-order your copy of Legacy along with the re-release of the original TRON.


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10 thoughts on ““Tron:Legacy” Walt Disney Pictures Logo

  1. fluffdaddy says:

    CritAnime says:
    “I might buy it to see if i enjoy it better at home.”

    That’s like saying you’re considering contracting herpes to see if it’s as painful as you were taught in sex ed.

  2. I disagree about the movie being terrible, flawed and 30 minutes too long, but not terrible. I think once the third movie comes out, Legacy will seem more relevant (although that is not a great way to make movies).

  3. I seriously don’t understand the dislike surrounding Legacy. The movie rocked harder than the first movie ever dreamed of, and the visuals were amazing. Tron: Legacy is a total triumph, and a pure love fest for Tron fans. I hate seeing people knitpick a movie’s STORY. A film is VISUAL ART. Appreciate it for what it is. If you want a STORY, read a book. If you want a truly immersive video and audio experience, watch a good movie. If you can appreciate the art and the storytelling of a film, you have the best of both worlds. This is entertainment, and life is too short to NOT be enjoying a good sci-fi fantasy movie! Just my two cents.

  4. @ fluffdaddy
    When I watched it at the cinema in 3D my eyes became uncomfortable because I seem to fall into the percentage if people that can’t view the 3D properly. So I possibly didn’t enjoy it as much because of this. Which is why I want to buy a copy in 2D to see if I enjoy it any better.

  5. fluffdaddy says:

    @Andrew Doss

    “I hate seeing people knitpick a movie‚Äôs STORY.”

    There is so much fail in this statement, I don’t know where to start.

  6. @CritAnime The same thing happened to me with the 3-D glasses.

    I agree with not only the Retroist but with Andrew Doss as well. All I can say is that when I left the theater I was ready for the third chapter in the, well, legacy of Tron but I had a very enjoyable experience watching a very fun movie. Except for the 3-D glasses bit, though my wife said it was pretty incredible. :)

  7. I seem to struggle with the 3D on the new 3DS, off topic I know, so I think we will be sticking to the 2D version of the film in our house lol. Will be interesting to see how this will effect my viewing pleasure.

    I am also interested in these extras that I have heard about.

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