a good night

I think I have a good night ahead of me…

a good night


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18 thoughts on “I think I have a good night ahead of me…

  1. jsd512 says:

    Where are you guys finding these retro packaging Hostess? I cannot find them at the 3 Walmarts in my area. They are not at the local groceries either (HEB, Krogers etc.).

  2. @garsh — You know it :)

    @jsd512 — not sure what are you are in, but I know people have had good luck and Walmarts and Targets. I had no luck at either and was about to give up, but I went into my local Harris Teeter and there they where.

    Not sure what took so long. Have you checked Target?

  3. Um, I’m sure that I am not the first person to notice this little fact…but how did you get your hands on the Tron Legacy/Tron combo Blu-Ray, friend? Retroist…do you work for Disney, sir?

    As to the retro goodness you have displayed, I’ve found a ton of the retro Twinkies at my local Wal-Mart. I’ve got the Twinkie the Kid watch on order already. :)

  4. vinvectrex says:

    That doesn’t look like a very balanced meal to me. Better get some Retro Doritos too. Hey – I ordered my Tron blu-ray from Amazon. I wonder if it will arrive today? Or do you have a special secret connection?

  5. Badwolf says:

    Love the Hostess stuff, but Drakes is the shizznit (can’t get it in PHX). Also love Pepsi over Coke.

    That being said, tried the throwback Doritos and almost gagged. Truly terrible.


  6. I do have some Throwback Doritos, but tonight is all about the chocolate. I did manage to beg and finagle an advance copy. I just finished Tron – Original flavor — looks amazing. Will do a full write up.

  7. vinvectrex says:

    Dang – I thought maybe Amazon was sending them out early. Came home to find an Amazon package the right size – but turned out to be an iron. Now that is a disappointment – hoping for Tron and getting a lousy appliance.

  8. jsd512 says:


    I am in the Houston area, I have tried multiple Wal Marts, Targets and local groceries. I will not give up damnit! I have the Doritos and Pepsi – no problem, but the Hostess are freaking impossible.

  9. twilitezoner says:

    Where are you guys finding this stuff? I have looked in the stores in the Atlanta area and have yet to find the Pepsi?

  10. McK says:

    Ack, can’t find these either in Arizona yet.

    Are there also Ho Ho’s with Happy Ho Ho??

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