Slot Car Racing at Buzz-A-Rama

As a kid I always enjoyed playing with my simple slot car set. At one point I was even lucky enough to score one of those glow in the dark tracks that went up walls. I thought I was pretty set, but then I made a new friend who’s father had set up an Formula 1 style slot car track in their basement at a scale I had never seen before. I rarely got to play with the set, it could only be used under his dad’s supervision, but the memory of how complicated it was, stuck with me. Something else stuck with me though. I remember him telling me that his father would go slot car racing at some place in the city (what we called New York City and its boroughs). I never knew where it was, but I stumbled across this great post about Buzz-A-Rama at NYC Resistor and it got me thinking, “maybe that is the place!” It fits the time frame and … oh … even more magical? The place still exists. So to read more about a dedicated spot for slot car racing in Brooklyn, read the post, then head over to

69 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218-3791
(718) 853-1800

and remember. Squeeze softly…


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One thought on “Slot Car Racing at Buzz-A-Rama

  1. RSF Smee says:

    Somewhere outside Acton, MA, sometime in the late 1980s, there was one of these places. I wandered into it with my ever-doting grandmother, thinking it was a hobby shop; wrongo: Less shop, more hobby. Honestly, I thought I had conflated or inflated the memory, but this makes it clear . . . that I might, maybe, entirely possibly, be remembering accurately.

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