Tron: The Next Day – Flynn Lives Revealed (SPOILERS)


This is an extra from the upcoming Blu-Ray Tron: Legacy release, due out on April 5th. It’s incredible. Mind-blowing. Full of fun. Full of SPOILERS!

Like many of you that visit the site, I drank the delicious Kool-Aid that was the Flynn Lives ARG, and this is an incredible thank you from Disney in my opinion for all of that hard work.

Video originally posted by Anton has been taken down (and his account deleted), but the video is spreading, so keep telling your friends. FLYNN LIVES!

15 Responses to Tron: The Next Day – Flynn Lives Revealed (SPOILERS)

  1. The Retroist says:

    If this does not re-energize your Tron Fandom — you fight not be a Tron fan.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Finally, the Flynn Lives payoff!
    They *have* to make that threequel now!
    (and I read that they are doing so)
    As much as I enjoyed the visual treat of TL, the continuity and actual story in this ten-minute extra is more enthralling to me than the two hours I spent waiting for it to happen.

  3. VicSage says:

    I won’t lie, I kept looking for a photo of myself from the Flynn Lives Facebook page when they were flashing on the screen. Ha, ha.

    Retroist, you are 100% correct. Atari? Shall we meet up later on our lightcycles and take a spin around the town? :)

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    You got it, Vic.
    Meet you at Encom HQ.

  5. The Retroist says:

    I cannot wait to get my Blu-Ray release of both films.

  6. patrickjdoody says:

    I like how they retrofit Ram in the mythology. That was pretty cool.

  7. xot says:


  8. The Retroist says:

    He is the one character I kept looking for in Legacy (even after I read he would not be in it). I just thought at some point they needed to sneak him in.

  9. vinvectrex says:

    Darn you copyright claim by Disney! I have no idea what was on this link, and now must wait for the blu-ray. Doh!

  10. The Retroist says:

    Got a new video link and will try and keep it refreshed throughout the day. People keep uploading it…because…FLYNN LIVES!

  11. antovolk says:

    I was the original poster of the video. Yep, Disney even banned my account. There is a 1080p copy out there as well now. Thanks for your support and FLYNN LIVES!!!

  12. This is awesome! I wonder if this will be on the DVD version?! Side note, I’ve also backed up the video, so if needed, I can post it too.

  13. The Retroist says:

    I think it will, which is why they are going nuts taking it down. Great you grabbed a BU. They already took down 5 I have posted here. New one up now.

  14. antovolk says:

    BTW, this is blu-ray exclusive.

  15. VicSage says:

    @antovolk You had a great find there! Flynn Lives indeed, friend! :)

    I believe this is to be one of three special videos for the Tron: Legacy release.

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