Friday Flyers: Royal Flush (1976)

I am including this D. Gottlieb & Company pinball table solely on the fact that I love the Mandrake the Magician type character. A big thanks as always to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the awesome scanned flyer you see posted below.


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4 thoughts on “Friday Flyers: Royal Flush (1976)

  1. RSFSmee says:

    Love the stamp at the bottom: “Kentucky Coin” sounds like it ought to be a euphemism for something too horrid to disccuss even in impolite company.

  2. Randolph, we all know the dangers of the Tetris Effect. Especially the Retroist!

    By the way, I couldn’t call myself a comic fan in good faith if I didn’t mention how honored I am to have your comment on the pinball table flyer. Everyone needs to be made aware that you are part of the Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center. To say I am a fan of King Kirby is an understatement, sir.

    Everyone needs to go to that site and become a member. :)

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