Weebles Haunted House

In my youth, one of the earliest toys I remember playing with practically all the time were Weebles and the various playsets they had available at the time. I had the tree house playset, the airplane, and a stunt set.

But my favorite of all was hands down the Weebles Haunted House. A huge thanks to the Secret Funspot Blog as well as Toys 2 Remember for these incredible photos of the playset and the Weebles that came with it!


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7 thoughts on “Weebles Haunted House

  1. I always wanted the weebles haunted house. But it was pretty expensive…so I never got it. It was a choice between that, or a bunch of other stuff for Christmas and it just never came out on top. I wonder of the actual commercial for the Haunted house is on the web anywhere…I still remember part of the jingle, something about a secret hiding place and plenty more to see, because the Weebles Haunted House is a great place to be ;)

  2. I remember this, and playing with it. But I am unsure if I had it or played with it somewhere else. I well remember the ghost weeble. Maybe I did have it… Hmm…

  3. @Tiki Hm, I need to see if I can track that down, friend. Might be a good for one of the Saturday Supercade posts. :)

    I always enjoyed dropping the Weebles down the slide at the top of the house. I am remembering that right…yeah, pretty sure that is right.

  4. vinvectrex says:

    The best Weebles set, I think. I had completely forgotten about this one. Never had it but always loved seeing it in the Sears Wishbook.

  5. I had the haunted house and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sets. I’m pretty sure that when my mom made me donate my old toys to the local library children’s room, I pocketed the glow-in-the-dark ghost Weeble for myself. I wonder what ever happened to that guy?

  6. I had the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as well. I think up till a few years ago, I had a worm mouse eared Weeble somewhere. Wonder where he got off to…

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