Star Trek Board Game By Ideal (1967)

A huge thanks to Morbid Monster for this incredible photo of the Star Trek board game by Ideal from back in 1967. A thanks goes out to the Star Trek Wiki for the picture of the board and pieces. If you feel like owning this game, make sure to follow the link to the Morbid Monster site, it’s available for $35.00!

Look at the expression on Spock’s face, “Holy Crow, Jim! Did you just see that?”.


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9 thoughts on “Star Trek Board Game By Ideal (1967)

  1. Can’t help but notice Uhura didn’t sit over on that part of the bridge… ;) But I do like that paintig style. Used to be used on all sorts of things (mainly book covers) in the 60s-70s.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great imagery on this and the other game boxes on the site.
    But I don’t think the games are included, just the box art.

    Still well worth it to get one’s hands on some cool reproductions of era drawing styles.
    You couldn’t find those in mint condition today.

    And yeah, Spock is not only having a fit, he’s looking kinda pudgy.
    That detail and Uhura’s new work area…maybe it’s yet another mirror universe.

  3. @AtariAdventureSquare You are quite right, my friend. I should have caught that earlier, it is just the box art…I would seriously hang that Green Hornet one on my wall though! :)

    Maybe Kirk is scolding Spock? “Sorry, Mr. Spock. But the Vulcan delegation has been atomized…due to your carelessness. Next time. You will remember what tea I like. Mister.” ;)

  4. Jason says:

    I think Spock is more shocked by Kirk’s newfound ability to destroy starships just by pointing at them.

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