Gaylord the Dog TV Commercial

In the early 1960’s, IDEAL toy company released Gaylord the Dog. By modern standards, this is an unfortunate name for a cool product. Gaylord was a battery operated toy dog with a leash. Walk him forward, backwards, even have him pick up his bone. A very neat toy for the time period.

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4 thoughts on “Gaylord the Dog TV Commercial

  1. uugghh too many jokes. The jingle is 100% retro gold, I just have to make sure I don’t carry on singing it on the street.

  2. Kathy Robinson says:

    I got Gaylord for Christmas 1962 and took him for Show and Tell in my Kindergarten class. I remember being amazed that the teacher was impressed! Do you know what he retailed for in ’62?

    A few years later his batteries leaked, and that was that. I remember not really liking Gaylord much–besides the attention he brought me–he was hard plastic, not cuddly at all.

  3. dugg says:

    Pretty cool toy for about five minutes. The batteries didn’t last long. He resided in our toy box for years, but was seldom played with. Poor old Gaylord…no one in our house loved him for long, but we never forgot him. The commercial is fun to see again.

  4. I haven’t seen the old boy in nearly 50 years. Gaylord was also my Christmas gift for 1962…my fondness beginning decrease for the plastic pooch by New Year’s 1963. However, I still love him retrospectively.

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