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Hyundai took an interesting approach to advertising the Hyundai Elantra. Not only are they running this funky hypnotic ad to deprogram the hypnotized masses, but they have also embarked on a twisted and decade bending online marketing campaign centered around their psuedo 1990s website, The Compact Conspiracy (which looks a whole lot like my early website work); A Facebook page with a Hyundai flavored Space Invaders web game; and my favorite, this Compact Car commercial mash-up, that takes pieces of car commercials from the 1970s and 1980s and spins them together in a winning montage.

I really like that ad.

Media Needle has also offered to give away some Amazon gift certificates here on the Retroist. So here is all you have to do. First, go to the Compact Hype Blaster on Facebook and play the Hype Blaster. Second, make sure you are following The Retroist on Facebook, then just email me your score at I will pick 3 winners at random to win.

I like that they are going retro with this ad campaign. So enjoy it and have fun blasting away…


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