G.I Joe Defiant Space Shuttle Commercial

As GI Joe progressed the toys seem to get bigger and bigger (which to me meant cooler and cooler). Sadly we never had the room or the money in my family for some of the larger ones, but I can tell you this, I always had my eye on the Defiant. I mean…look at this thing.


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7 thoughts on “G.I Joe Defiant Space Shuttle Commercial

  1. Aw yeah…the Defiant, Flagg, and Mobile Command Center was like the Holy Trinity. I never had any of them but who did? And those that had one or all three you had an instant hatred jealously for anyway because you knew they were loaded. Jerks. Biggest thing I had was the Rattler, which I have to say, was pretty bad ass with all its hover-jetness. Good stuff.

  2. blinddog says:

    I remember that one. I never had got it be thought it was pretty cool.

    My brother and I did get the aircraft carrier (USS Flag) one Christmas. That was quite a hit with my friends. They would bring over there helicopter, jet and action figures. A lot of fun was had with that carrier

  3. blinddog says:

    I don’t see an edit option maybe that is just in the forums. Sorry about my bad grammar in my last post I meant to say I never had it but thought it was pretty cool.

  4. My big item was the Hiss and I hoarded it. I had a friend who had a bunch of the larger sets and he grew out of them earlier then I did, so my other friends and I picked them up for a song.

  5. vinvectrex says:

    I never had any of the larger sets, and always coveted teh Flagg. But, I must’ve somehow missed this one, because adult me likes the Defiant better (and not just because it shares the name of a cool Star Trek ship).

  6. I have a friend that still has his Flagg out on display, it has its own room! This though…I have to agree with Vinvectrex…I want this now! :)

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