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The internet is just full of wonderful things. Most of those wonderful things are fueled by a fan’s passion for a particular subject. Be it Rubik’s Cubes to movies, the internet is not lacking for passion on just about any subject. A great, but kind of controversial thing on the web is hobby of Fan Editing. That is where a private citizen re-edits a film to make it more like they would want to see it. Some edits are minor aesthetic changes like color correction, while others seek to change the entire narrative of the film. All of the changes are controversial because they involve copyrighted material.

It is a fascinating subject no matter how you feel about it, just filled with people considering the “What Ifs” of cinema. If that sort of subject appeals to you, then drop by Fanedit.org and browse their many projects and learn more about these driven hobbyists.

capra editing

(Photo from LIFE Magazine on Google)


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3 thoughts on “Learn all about Film Fan Editing at Fanedit.org

  1. While I appreciate the pingback, Empire Revisited will hardly be just color correction. There will be hundreds of changes while not changing anything significant. New effects, new sound edits, subtle tweaks that you won’t catch the first time. Color correction is just the first level, sadly a necessity when editing Star Wars due to the terrible treatment of the 2004 Special Edition.

  2. @doubleofive – I did not mean to sell your project short. I was just trying to point to an example of a smaller part of a fan edit, but wanted an excuse to send people over to your wonderful project.

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