The Super Mario 3 Level That is Not in the Game?

Have you ever been bothered by a movie trailer or commercial with a scene or line that was not in the final movie? Well as it turns out, the same thing happens with video game, as was the case with the box art for Super Mario Bros 3. I do not remember every being able to get to this level either. Anyone else ever stumble across it?

super mario bros 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 Box Features Mystery Level [@] Infendo


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2 thoughts on “The Super Mario 3 Level That is Not in the Game?

  1. Crap like that used to bother the XXXX out of me as a kid. The main instance that sticks
    out in my mind was the picture on this trading card from the 89 Batman movie. The shot appears in many different magazines I had as well as the novelization but it was cut from the movie. I don’t even think it was on the deluxe edition bluray that came out a couple of years ago.

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