Major Tom (Coming Home) by Peter Schilling

“Major Tom (Coming Home)”, is a song by singer Peter Schilling from his album Error in the System. The song is about a man, named Major Tom, who is stuck in space. If you did not know it, Major Tom is unofficially related (ripped from), the theme of David Bowie’s 1969 album Space Oddity. The song was originally recorded in German, and released in West Germany on January 3, 1983 where it reached #1 in West Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The English version was first released in the United States on September 24, 1983. It reached #1 in Canada, #14 on the Billboard Singles chart in the US in 1984, #2 on the US dance charts and #1 on my underpowered boombox (actually my sister’s, but she never used it) after I taped it off the local radio station.


Major Tom (Coming Home) Lyrics

Standing there alone, the ship is waiting
All systems are go, are you sure?
Control is not convinced
But the computer has the evidence
No need to abort

The countdown starts, watching in a trance
The crew is certain

Nothing left to chance, all is working
Trying to relax, up in the capsule
“Send me up a drink”, jokes Major Tom
The count goes on

4, 3, 2, 1
Earth below us, drifting falling
Floating weightless, calling calling home

Second stage is cut, we’re now in orbit
Stabilizers up, running perfect
Starting to collect, requested data
What will it effect, when all is done
Thinks Major Tom

Back at ground control, there is a problem
Go to rockets full, not responding
Hello Major Tom, are you receiving
Turn the thrusters on, we’re standing by
There’s no reply

4, 3, 2, 1
Earth below us, drifting, falling
Floating, weightless, calling, calling, home

Across the stratosphere
A final message, “Give my wife my love”
Then nothing more

Far beneath the ship, the world is mourning
They don’t realize, he’s alive
No one understands but Major Tom sees
Now the life commands, this is my home
I’m coming home

Earth below us, drifting, falling
Floating, weightless, coming home
Earth below us, drifting, falling
Floating, weightless, coming home

Earth below us, drifting, falling
Floating, weightless, coming, coming home


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