Trailer Tuesday: The Third Man (1949)

Friends, I am a staunch advocate of all thing Orson Welles, most of you know that by now from my early posts in the forums. I have been since I watched Citizen Kane in my Drama III class in High-School, since my father dictated what we watched growing up (For example he despised Charlie Chaplin so I was in my early 20’s before I ever was able to see one of his films.) and I unfortunately had never been lucky enough to catch it elsewhere. After that faithful day though, I went to our local video store and started grabbing what I could of Orson’s work. The second film I watched in this ‘marathon’ starred the charismatic Director/Actor/Writer/Magician in his superb role as racketeer Harry Lime in Carol Reed’s The Third Man. Harry Lime is a blackhearted scoundrel to be sure, but thanks to Welles charm, you still care about him.

Here is an additional trailer from Turner Classic Movies:

If you’ve not had the pleasure to see this movie, make sure to fix that mistake as quick as you can. This film noir tale just knocks it straight out of the ball park, thanks to not only Carol Reed and its writer, Graham Greene, but to the likes of Joseph Cotton, Trevor Howard, and Alida Valli as well…every piece fits and works…like a cuckoo clock. Of course the music is legendary as well, here is a YouTube video of the composer, Anton Karas, performing the memorable theme on a Zither back in 1982.


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