Sesame Street – A Clown’s Face

Warning: Clowns Ahead!

This segment from Sesame Streets seeks to teach kids that clowns don’t always look like clowns. This was sent to me on Facebook by Leah Mangue (thanks!), who wondered if the background music in the piece was identifiable. I listened to a Spike Jones box set and could not find it. Anyone out there, have any ideas?


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6 thoughts on “Sesame Street – A Clown’s Face

  1. patrick j doody says:

    That is cool – I love those old Sesame Street films that were sourced out to indie filmmakers of the day.

    As far as the music goes – having experience in these things, I would guess the music is from a library.

  2. Can’t identify the music precisely, but I’ve heard it used as stock “wacky” music in several other places (the end credits of AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON, for one), so I’m led to believe it’s a library track that’s cheaper to license than any actual Spike Jones track (I have lots of Spike records, and it ain’t on any of those).

    Loved seeing the piece again, too — been many MANY years.

  3. ck says:

    Wow – I haven’t seen this clip in years, yet the moment it started I remembered the whole thing. Funny what you remember…

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