Sega’s Time-Out Amusement Centers

I think some of these Time-Out Amusement Centers still exist. I went to one when they were owned by Sega back in the late 1980s. I wonder if I took these coupons to an existing Time-Out if I could talk then into honoring them.

Segas Time Out Amusement Centers


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3 thoughts on “Sega’s Time-Out Amusement Centers

  1. John says:

    My local mall had a Time-Out when I was growing up. I spent tons of hours and quarters there. Now all I can do is till my young son about it, and point to the spot in the mall where it used to be. Nice memories, though.

  2. Bill Marks says:

    I used to be a manager and then a Regional Manager with Time-Out. The photos here appear to be from the “Court” location in Cincy.

    Have any other photos or sources of photos?

  3. Derek Douglas says:

    I had a birthday party at one in Springfield, VA in 1988. They were great arcades since in those days Sega definitely made the best ones. After Burner, Out Run & Space Harrier!

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