Call Your Own Time-Out with Pepsi

If I have my way, this is what my dinner will look like tonight.

pepsi ad

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6 thoughts on “Call Your Own Time-Out with Pepsi

  1. So, uh, Retroist. We can all expect dinner at your place? Say six o’clock? I’ll bring the Trancer films! What is everyone else bringing? ;)

  2. Brian Boone says:

    At some point, the fast food places are gonna catch on to the retro packaging fad. Or at least as much as they can without using styrofoam.

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:


    Lotsa fast food joints around here.
    Though a good non-homemade burger is kinda hard to find.

    I remember eating my first burger and thinking it was cool cuz Jughead (and Wimpy) would eat a stack of those for breakfast, lunch and suppertime.

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