Supermarket Sweep

supermarket sweep

Supermarket Sweep was a television game show in which contestants would answer questions in a quiz style format and then more importantly would race through a supermarket and collect items. The value of items in the carts determined the winning team. The show was originally broadcast on ABC from December 1965 to July 1967. Sadly almost all of the episodes from that period are lost to us. The show was then revived on Lifetime from February 1990 to May 1995 and later on PAX from April 2000 to May 2003.

I loved all incarnations of the show and still dream of being able to sweet through a supermarket and grab as much of everything that I want (although I know that you need to be scientific about what you grab since its the total of your items that count). My obsession wasn’t inspired by any original watchings of “The Sweep”, but instead from this classic Laverne & Shirley episode.


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4 thoughts on “Supermarket Sweep

  1. OffisaPups says:

    I watched the crap out of this show in the 90’s. Because of it, when ever I would go food shopping with my folks I would plan my sweep route for my local store. Where are the hams?! I need the max 5 giant expensive hams!

  2. Bob says:

    The UK version of Supermarket Sweep only came along in the early/mid ninetis. It was cheap and cheerful, insanely popular mid-morning TV fodder and was canned after about four or five years if memory serves. Made it’s host (the perma-tanned Dale Winton) a bit of star though.

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