Swat Kats – The Complete Series Available on DVD

Swat Kats

Deadly bacteria! Doomsday devices! Robotic spiders! Sound like a big budget sci-fi thriller? Nope. Even better. It’s the 5-Disc, 26-Episode Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron Complete Series Collection. Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson appear to be ordinary junkyard auto mechanics until trouble occurs in Megakat City. In a flash they fly their high-tech Turbokat toward danger as T-Bone and Razor: the Swat Kats. The city is run by the power-hungry Commander Feral and his militant team of Megakat Enforcers. Jake and Chance were once Enforcers but Feral demoted them to working in the scrap yard, where the Swat Kats were born. They take on any kind of menace from the undead sorcerer Pastmaster to lobster-like alien warlord Mutilor. The hardware-heavy action never stops in this animated fan-favorite from Hanna-Barbera Studios that’s fur-flying fun!

Sound pretty cool huh? That is the summary of the now back in print Swat Kats. I remember I had a crazy security guard job in the 1990s that had me working all sorts of crazy hours. Since I worked different shifts I got to meet many different people. One of the people I worked with was this older guy named Vinny who worked in one of the the rooms where you watched monitors all day. Vinny never watched the monitors, but instead he would bring in video tapes of cartoons he recorded at home. I never asked him why, I just enjoyed his hospitality during my lunch breaks.

It was there that I first saw the show Sway Kats. Vinny swore by it and it didn’t take me long to get into it. I mean who wouldn’t love a show about by anthropomorphic felines set in Megakat City? Well after watching the show with Vinny, I never saw it again. It was just one of those shows that has a decent following, but not a large enough following to get a big old glossy release. What’s a fan to do?

Enter the Warner Archive and their On Demand system of distribution.

That’s right, the Warner Archive had put out this show on DVD (not remastered, but from a very good quality print) and it is available exclusively through the Warner Archive. So order your copy today.


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