I miss Patrick Swayze

Road House was on the other day, as it is almost every day, and it reminded me how much I miss late 1980s Patrick Swayze. Call me old fashioned, but I respect an actor who can convincingly kick some but with a round house kick and then be equally convincing on the dance floor. Road House!

Lego Swayze

Lego Swayze [via] Rocko™’s Photostream


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7 thoughts on “I miss Patrick Swayze

  1. New from Lego for all gaming systems! Lego Roadhouse! Thrill to the barroom brawling action as one to two players take on the role of Lego Dalton or Lego Wade Garrett! as they clean up and collect the bricks of the Double Deuce. ;)

  2. vinvectrex says:

    This is sort of embarrassing, but I’ve never seen it. As a fan of Rifftrax – think I should watch it without the riffing prior to a second viewing with the riff?

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Definitely watch it without riffage first, vinvectrex.
    All the better to enjoy it on a second go round.

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