John McAllister Soaring High With New Joust High-Score!

The High-Score information just keeps on rolling in from over at Twin Galaxies and this time the 25 year old Joust High Score held by James Vollandt has been tilted off its ostrich mount by John McAllister with a score of 107,301,150, who played the game for over 50 hours. James Vollandt held the title with a score of 107,216,700 points…so it was a close one to be sure. Pictured below thanks to Video Games is McAllister when he broke the Asteroids world record in April of 2010.

John McAllister also holds the #1 spot at Twin Galaxies on the following arcade titles:

Asteroids Deluxe 3,333,360
Cloak & Dagger 1,497,744
Lost Tomb 1,384,810
Robotron 2084 (Tournament) 1,236,950
Star Castle Easy Chip 10,001,110
Hard Chip 29,800
Super Sprint 17,020
Xybots 450,000

Make sure to follow the link above and read the interview by McAllister and referee Stephen Boyer!


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