A Cosmic Christmas

In the early 1980’s at my local video store, that I would eventually go on to work at, there was a VHS tape that I rented so much that at one point my Father refused to rent it again. Ever. It was the first Nelvanamation VHS collection and included A Cosmic Christmas, The Devil and Daniel Mouse, Intergalactic Thanksgiving: Please Don’t Eat The Planet, and Romie-0 and Julie-8. My favorite of the four animated tales was definitely the Devil and Daniel Mouse, though a Cosmic Christmas takes second place.

Sadly this collection has not been released to DVD yet, though an edited version of the Devil and Daniel Mouse was included as a bonus on the Rock & Rule DVD release a few years back. Doing a little looking about the internet tonight at work I’ve noticed a few people on the Shout! Factory forums requesting this collection of films to be put on DVD and Blu-Ray, which is where I obtained the photo you see below. If you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands, do yourself a favor and come sit down next me in front of the monitor as we watch A Cosmic Christmas.

Now thankfully a good friend of mine was able to secure what might possibly be the exact copy I use to rent in my youth, that VHS is now in a vault and is guarded 24/7 by a pack of Radium Chimps.


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