Friday Flyers: Special Delivery-Santa’s Christmas Chaos

I was quite surprised to find today that according to the awesome Arcade Flyers Archive, no Santa or Christmas arcade game has been spotted, not even a pinball table. Luckily the Atari 32K, Commodore 64, and the Spectrum 48K came to the rescue!

Released to the systems mentioned above in 1984 by Creative Sparks, you try to fill the shoes of Saint Nick himself as he seems to collect gifts dropped by Angels in the sky, then when his bag is full, you land on a rooftop and descend down the chimney while trying to avoid flames racing up the ladders. Once inside the house your work has just begun as you must deliver the presents under the tree while avoiding the children of the house who have been woken up by your clatter, after obtaining the key to the front door you are up and away into the night sky once more…while trying to avoid evil Angels ‘gifts’ and bad weather.

I’ve never played this title for myself but it looks at least interesting to say the least!


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