Vic Sage: Gorp and Ed VS the Critters

Friends, what you are about to watch below was my first attempts at stop-motion animation in the 80’s. Bear in mind what you are about to see was not created using a camcorder, rather a camera that hooked into an ancient and massive VHS tape deck. When I hit record and counted to one, I had to hope the deck would rewind the tape just enough to resemble something that appeared to be stop-motion.

I hope at the very least you will enjoy the tunes provided at the time of creation that came from my Commodore 64 music program…including the jaunty little theme for the classic motion picture High Noon, 8-bit style. I needed music to cover up the sounds of my family (You can see my Grandmother in the background) as they watched Dallas.

I entered this short video into the local public access channel’s evening entertainment, and much to my surprise came in second place at the awards show later that year.


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3 thoughts on “Vic Sage: Gorp and Ed VS the Critters

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Wonderful stuff, Vic!
    Do I detect some Sleestak features on the doomed protagonist of the second part?

    Would love to see more.

  2. Thank you, friends, for the very kind words. There is indeed another short featuring Ed (Sleestak man) as he meets up with the skeletons from my Mad Scientist Lab. I just need to find where I placed that tape…in a stack of about five hundred…sadly unlabeled. Ha, ha. :)

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