My Little Pony Cake

I am always impressed by cakes that have “legs”. This magnificent My Little Pony Cake’s legs are made from Rice Krispy treats, while the body and head are cake. Which makes it all delicious.

my little pony cake

[via] Flickr


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5 thoughts on “My Little Pony Cake

  1. chris says:

    i love this cake is there anyway you can send me a template or how you made this my 4yr old loves my little pony and would love to make this for her. thanks

  2. linda says:

    I feel in love with your cake. My little girl is turning 3 and she loves ponys and Im going to make it from my little pony. I want a like like this. Where can I order one for her birthday party? please reply to me. Thanks

  3. Angie Horsley says:

    can you send this cake out of state..iowa…exactly…money doesnt matter

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