The Vac-U-Form Playset by Mattel

I know safety standards are important, but sometime it is a real shame. After all who wouldn’t want to a plastic vacuum forming kit as a kid? Why buy toys when you could just make your own? Sam Toy Box has posted some great pics of an original Vac-U-Form kit, complete with instructions. They ever revive this toyline and Mattel can sign me up. 1st degree burns be damned.

Vac U Form Box


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3 thoughts on “The Vac-U-Form Playset by Mattel

  1. plaidman76 says:

    Cool – this was the early version of the Mattel Thingmaker kit….I actually just sold some of the molds for the “Fighting Men” Thingmaker set on ebay.

  2. mwentworth says:

    This thing was great! I had to play with it in the shed outside, because of the burning plastic smell. I loved that smell!!! Word of warning kids; do not try to use other types of plastic to substitute for proper refills. The wrong plastic will turn to molten lava that will create pain and removal of several layer of skin that you cant tell mom about or she will take your thingmaker away.

  3. Kathy says:

    I have been trying to sell my Vac U Form for sometime now. Have it as make an offer on Craigslist. I am the original owner. I don’t have the box, it got kinda gross over time, but I have the main machine, massive molds, some plastic sheets & the directions. Any suggestions on value or where I might sell it? It is clean and full working condition.

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