New Ghostbusters Video Game Announcement!

A mighty thanks to USA Today’s Game Hunters for the announcement and photos posted below. Atari and Sony are gearing up for a sequel to the awesome Ghostbusters game from back in 2009. This time however it sounds as if we will not fill the jumpsuits of the classic Paranormal investigators that we all know and love. It looks as if this downloadable game has us blazing our own trails in the Ghostbusters universe ala Gauntlet 4 player!

Make sure to follow the link above to read the whole story. Ghostbuster: Sanctum of Slime is expected for Spring 2011 release on the Playstation Network, Xbox Live, and Windows Live for the PC.


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5 thoughts on “New Ghostbusters Video Game Announcement!

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I’d really enjoy that. The 12 year olds playing Call of Duty Black Ops keep mopping the floor with me on XBOX live. How do they aim so darn fast?

  2. 3rd person like the last game or nothing cause will make you feel as if theres nothing more to this game then going from room to room shooting everywhere the last game was awsome made you feel as you were a ghostbuster now this with the camara over head will make you feel as your a guy with a star trek beem gun shooting everything in site from room to room

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