My unboxing of the 1984 ATARI Touch Tablet

I got a package in the mail yesterday. Knew it was sitting in my mailbox, because I have been tracking it. The ride home from work is about 65 minutes. That’s a long time to drive and seemed even longer knowing I had a treat waiting for me at my house. I present my unboxing of the SEALED Atari Touch Tablet from 1984.

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13 thoughts on “My unboxing of the 1984 ATARI Touch Tablet

  1. Hmm, mooncity, I wonder. It appears to have a mini-jack at the end. By the way, if anyone wants to donate an ATARI 400, 800, or 800 XL computer to me, it would be greatly appreciated :-) Besides, my birthday is in a few days :-O

  2. mwentworth says:

    Nice Unboxing!! Actually I had never heard of it, growing up a poor TRS-80 kid. But I would like to find a 400/800 some day. Did you get it from Best Electronics? They are a great seller, even though the website is an old-school mess.

  3. Thanks Morgan! So many of the “unboxing” videos are informative, but poorly executed. As for this tablet, I didn’t know such a thing existed early this year. I was shocked to learn that this kind of tech was around in the early 80s. As for the seller, got it from ebay, from “myatari”.

  4. Retro, fantastic unboxing, friend! I have to say I am drooling with envy though at what appears to be a Robie Junior sitting on your desk. :)

  5. @ VicSage, thank you for the kind words. And yes, it is a Robie Junior! I had that since it came out. A couple of wires need some soldering, otherwise it still works. I am missing the holder though, you know, the… carrying tray. I would like to get Robie Sr., Omnibot, and Omnibot 2000. Oh baby!

  6. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great video, RJ.
    Puts me in the mood for Christmas, just thinking of good holiday unboxing moments of yesteryear.
    Hope you get your Atari computer.

  7. mwentworth says:

    I thought about your waiting for your special box to arrive yesterday as I was driving home hoping for my bundle of joy to be there, but no dice, maybe today. I have a mini-expander with controllers and a cassette drive coming for my Mattel Aquarius computer.

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