Drak Pack

Considering I was watching the classic Universal Monster’s Frankenstein at 3 years old on the Late, Late, Show, I don’t believe my father was surprised that I was like many young boys in being captivated by all things monster related. The likes of Hanna-Barbera’s monster turned superhero series Drak Pack did nothing to lessen that enthusiasm towards those creatures of the night either.


How can you go wrong with an animated series like that? When you throw in the voice talents of Alan Oppenheimer (Man at Arms, Thundarr the Barbarian) as Big D, Don Messick (Astro, Papa Smurf, Ratchet) as Toady, Jerry Dexter (Aqualad, Superboy) as Drac Jr., and William Callaway (Bizarro, Beachhead, Aquaman, and only four characters from the Inhumanoids!) taking on vocal chores for both Frankie and Howler you know you are in for a good time…that is if you can get the DVD set that came out a few years back, it only came out in Canada. I guess you can always try over at Amazon.


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5 thoughts on “Drak Pack

  1. As much as I enjoy retro, that embodies everything there is to hate about cheap mass-produced 80’s Hanna Barbera cartoons. *shudder*

    Some things are better remembered rather than revisited ;)

  2. If it’s not on Amazon.com, you COULD always buy it from amazon.ca, since it’s in stock (about $15), and the region code is the same as the US.

    Sometimes, I go the Canada site or to their UK site to buy “import” CDs, since they’re cheaper, even after ship costs and stuff.

  3. Vinvectrex says:

    This is exactly the reason I love the Retroist. I used to watch this show all the time and had completely forgotten about it until VicSage’s excellent article reminded me all about it. Thanks!

  4. @Pete Just wanted to say by the way that you have a pretty interesting site, friend. I have very fond memories of the C-64 to say the least. Everyone should check it out at:


    @mooncity Thanks for the heads up! Let us see if I can’t talk the wife into getting me an early Christmas present. Ha, ha. :)

    @Vinvectrex You are too kind, friend. I’m glad I was able to help jog a few memories of the television show. :)

  5. Here in the UK I remember reading about the Drak Pack possibly even in early issues of Fangoria and I think seeing ads in comic books for saturday morning kids shows but I don’t know if it was ever shown on British tv?

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