The Mattel M-16 Marauder

Growing up in my neighborhood we played a lot of gun games. Even before the first one of us had a toy gun, we would make guns out of sticks and play “war”. Often re-enacting scenes from the Sunday afternoon war films that our father’s liked to watch on lazy summer days. My first gun was a colt cap gun and it was followed up by a cheap plastic shotgun. After I ran out of caps, they both required me to yell bang a lot. I was pretty happy with my weaponry, but then a friend of mine received a metal and wood pump action shotgun that made this amazing POW noise when fires, which of course triggered a neighborhood arm’s race.

I would never catch up and we would all be blown out of the water by a piece of gun toy tech that was already decades old. A friend of mines Dad gave him his Mattel M-16 Marauder that looked very real and made an incredible racket when fired. It was the type of gun that made everyone jealous and would probably get a kid shot nowadays, which is real shame, because it was a heck of a lot of fun to play guns as a kid. Plus great exercise since you were always running so that you could claim that they missed.

mattel m-16 Marauder

[via] Tomorrow’s Heroes


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2 thoughts on “The Mattel M-16 Marauder

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Oh man, talk about synchronicity.
    Here I am this week, reliving the first season of S.W.A.T. on DVD (with Robert Urich and Frederic Forrest) and, in ’75, in full-on SWAT-madness from the show and our switching from cowboys (and pump shotguns, which a lucky neighborhood kid had) to modern cops, I badgered my folks into getting me this noisemaker assault rifle.
    It looks like the one I had. In fact I have a pic of young me in full SWAT gear (sorta) celebrating the oncoming massacre of bad guys at the hands of our cop team.
    Good (and noisy) times.

  2. OffisaPups says:

    File this under: “Toys that will never EVER exist again.” Well at least not without huge swashes of orange plant. However, blue socks with yellow/gold pants = awesome!

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