Leonard Nimoy Demos The Magnavision VideoDisc Player

As spokesman for Magnavox in 1981, Leonard Nimoy demonstrates the first consumer LaserDisc player made, the Magnavox VH-8000 MagnaVision. He is introduced to and guided through this product by a glowing and beeping rock. Nimoy is kind of doing Spock, but I don’t think Spock would be confused by the concept of a Laser Disc player. Oh and ABBA!

Leonard Nimoy Demos The Magnavision VideoDisc Player – Part 1 of 2

Leonard Nimoy Demos The Magnavision VideoDisc Player – Part 2 of 2


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5 thoughts on “Leonard Nimoy Demos The Magnavision VideoDisc Player

  1. Sinjin says:

    Fascinating. Nimoy with a mustache. :) I want a beeping rock too!

    I wish I had seen this back then, we were still buying the RCA SelectaVision system in 1982 to play Video Discs (CEDs) with a stylus! At least they came with a nice plastic cover so you wouldn’t touch the surface. However they only held 30 minutes of video on a side and had to be turned over.
    At 4:11 in the first clip it sure looks like Nimoy put the disc in upside down!

  2. twilitezoner says:

    I believe the first commercially available consumer laserdisc player was released by Philips in 1978.

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Love the exciting ‘tech discovery’ feeling I get from watching this (and watching Leonard Nimoy talking with a testy flashing rock).
    Had loads of fun renting laserdisc players and movies in the 90s.
    Criterion had some jewels filled with hours of production details.
    T’was the only time I got to see The Magnificient Ambersons, with an elaborate visual explanation of Welles’ longer, now-unavailable, version.

    I might still seek out those discs and a player, today.

  4. vinvectrex says:

    Doesn’t his moustache mean that this is the Evil Spock? This laserdisc player must be some tool for world domination.

  5. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Well, vinvectrex, Nimoy doesn’t have the goatee, so he’s probably just morally ambiguous.
    But if our future world dominators offer us laserdisc players to sooth our crumpled existence, then I, for one…well, you know.

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