Win A Copy Of Monday Night Combat For Xbox 360

Thanks to the kind and talented folks over at Uber Entertainment we now have two download codes for two very lucky Retroist readers! What I need you to do is simply register on the site and leave a comment on this post as to which team is better in the Monday Night Combat Universe, the Hotshots or the Icemen. Easy as that! From those posts we will choose two random winners and send them the download code…if it was any easier it would be like eating bacon!

Plus how can you go wrong with a game that gifts us with ad like this?


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36 thoughts on “Win A Copy Of Monday Night Combat For Xbox 360

  1. hestar says:

    Hot shots all the way!!!! anyone who says other wise is a terrorist! (srry I don’t know why It posted with me not logged and and I Can’t delete my old post :(. )

  2. sheonneo says:

    *posted without being logged in shinanigans* Hotshots because every shot is on FIRE! icemen are missing with every shot so far~

  3. icedkyon says:

    Icemen, simply because they have a yeti has their mascot. Any team can have a sultry lady as their mascot, but how many can say they have a yeti?

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