Friday Flyers: Barrier

As always let me give a big thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the flyer scans you see posted below.

Barrier1-Arcade Flyer Archive

Barrier2-Arcade Flyer Archive

In 1977 Barrier was released into the wilds of the arcades by Cinematronics, utilizing its patented Vectorbeam graphic technology. Tooling around the internet I was able to stumble upon a very, very interesting view of that time in the company by Tim Skelly himself. Make sure to follow the link and give it a read, interesting stuff!

Now Cinematronics is famous for another arcade game, that most consider a classic, Star Castle. But I personally know the company from another familiar title from my youth…

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2 thoughts on “Friday Flyers: Barrier

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Nice find! I considered myself reasonably well versed on Vector games,but this one slipped my attention. Thanks!

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