Pop Art? Pepsi Cool Cans

I am really bummed that the last rounds of Pepsi Throwback has disappeared from my ares. So I got all Pepsi nostalgic today and started searching for the Pepsi stuff from my youth, when I came upon this great ad for Cool Cans. I remember the can in the lower left corner like it was yesterday. I always thought it was the most interesting (maybe it had something to do with the hidden message?)

pepsi pop art ad

Warhol-ish Pepsi ad from 1990 [@] Found in Mom’s Basement

Maybe now that they took away the Throwback they can hit us up with some winter cool cans…



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5 thoughts on “Pop Art? Pepsi Cool Cans

  1. I totally must have been kept out of grocery stores during this time because I can honestly say I’ve never seen these cans before…supposed hidden message or not. I did get a kick out of the seeing the Pepsi Winter collection again though. :)

  2. Jason K. says:

    I used to have a set of these cans back in the 90’s that I had kept because I thought they’d be cool someday, but alas, like many of the things I had stuck away for the future, they got lost/thrown out/recycled along the way.

    I do have 2 of the 3 cans from the Pepsi “Wild Bunch”, a short lived test by Pepsi that failed as, well…Raspberry Pepsi? Really?…I have the Ragin’ Raspberry and Tropical Chill Cans, still trying to hunt down the third flavor, Strawberry Burst.

  3. mwentworth says:

    Ahhh…..yet more stuff I had to have back in the day. I’m sure I have a full set here somewhere. BTW, I recently opened up a box of stuff in storage and found a 2-liter of Crystal Pepsi that ate its way out of the plastic. I loved that stuff………. Morgan

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