Tron Lightcycle Papercraft

I am completely unskilled at papercraft, yet almost every week I find myself skimming papercraft sites dreaming that I had the skill and patience to finish these magnificent works. This week I was looking at Tron papercraft and found this amazingly detailed Lightcycle. Like most papercraft stuff on the internet, it is free to download, but this one, according to its author, is incredibly challenging. So if you are going to give it a shot, be prepared and be patient. And if you pull it off, we certainly would love to see the results.

tron papercraft

Tron Lightcycle Papercraft [@] humlak


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2 thoughts on “Tron Lightcycle Papercraft

  1. OffisaPups says:

    I love doing (and by doing, I mean make my wife do 90% of the work) papercraft. If you want some easier ones that are still quite popculturey head to

    I have the Mario, Goomba, Question Mark Block and a Stormtrooper on my desk at work.

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