Saturday Supercade: Lego Tron!

Friends, I’m not sure from my few posts here on the site if you have been able to deduce that seldom do my waking thoughts stray far from the subject of Tron. Whether that includes the games, the original movie, it’s upcoming sequel, or these incredibly awesome creations of Chad Mealey Aka LegoTron! Chad was kind enough to allow me to post some of his wonderful Lego creations for your enjoyment. I think this might very well be the only way to make Legos even more awesome than they already are!
Check out some of the awesome work on the table…is that a Lego Robocop behind the Light Cycle diorama?
Lego Tron Chad Mealey 1

Next we have the favorite of the MCP and quite possibly Clu himself in Tron Legacy, the Recognizer.
Lego Tron Chad Mealey 2

What would the Game Grid be without tanks?
Lego Tron Chad Mealey 3

“I shouldn’t have written all of those tank programs.”
Lego Tron Chad Mealey 4


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6 thoughts on “Saturday Supercade: Lego Tron!

  1. OffisaPups says:

    The Tron stuff looks great. Not only does is there a Robocop Lego man, I also see the Ghostbusters, StayPuff, Samus, Capt. Picard, LaForge, Data, Earthworm Jim, Superman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, even a SpongeBob Square Pants!

  2. Chad says:

    Just so you know, the Robocop and other figures behind the Tron stuff is someone else’s work. I only did the Tron pieces. If you’re interested in the other figures a search for “Cube dudes” should bring most of them up. The lead photo is from the “Bricks by the Bay” Lego Convention that took place earlier this year and that table was full of great stuff from other builders (you can just see the bottom of the claw machine from Toy Story in the background). I haven’t done my own photo shoot of that yellow lightcycle yet, so it’s the best shot available right now.

  3. Chad, give me a shout when you get that photo done, I can’t wait to post it for everyone to enjoy! A big thanks again for letting me post these photos. :)

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