Amazing McDonald’s Painting

I am not sure why the person who posted these said that they were creepy. I spotted them while trawling imgur and thought they were just incredible. I wish all McDonald’s shows this level of creativity when it came to their internal decor. This one is my favorite of the lot (ahhh Grimace), but over at Imgur their are several more.

Creepy McDonald’s Painting [via] Imgur


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3 thoughts on “Amazing McDonald’s Painting

  1. Some Fryguy says:

    I have vague memories of visiting a McDonald’s once with one of these huge murals (it looks like this was painted in the mid-’80s). Given that the commercials have phased out nearly all these characters besides Ronald, you wonder what modern children think of it.

    Honestly, the creepiest part is Ronald and the cow. It’s cute, and then you think, “wait…”

  2. Not creepy at all, it’s quite beautiful and soothing in fact. I wish I had that in my house. Though take a good look at that cow…it looks kind of mad don’t you think?

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