More Tron Legacy Posters!

It would seem that the 80’s inspired Tron Legacy poster that hit the internet last week was not the last to debut, for now this poster showing the villain of the film has appeared and furthermore we are told that on Friday a third one-sheet will hit the net. Yep, the Tron Legacy poster is actually a triptych!
Tron Legacy Poster B

Tron Legacy Poster A

Anyone want to bet the third one-sheet shall be Kevin Flynn?


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2 thoughts on “More Tron Legacy Posters!

  1. The middle part of the triptych looks like an obvious parody of that famous Star Wars poster with the identity disc where a lightsaber should be, but lacking a few other components. On the left side, those docked craft remind me of imperial shuttlecraft, presided by a line of stormtroopers.

    …At least they’re imitating the good half of Star Wars.

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